As part of Dan Levy’s agreement with Netflix, Netflix has revealed a title and the lead cast for his first new Netflix Original.  

The feature film has finally completed production and will most likely be released on Netflix in 2023. Levy signed an agreement with Netflix in September 2021 to “produce scripted material and other projects for its film and television library.” 

Dan Levy, who will write, produce, and direct Good Grief, rose to prominence with his role in Schitt’s Creek, which was licenced by Netflix and propelled into the zeitgeist. 

Unfortunately, the series has just left Netflix US, however it will stay available on Netflix abroad for the foreseeable future. 

The following is the synopsis for the upcoming Netflix comedy: Marc Dreyfus selected a pleasant marriage to divert himself from the death of his mother.”  

When Marc’s husband dies unexpectedly, he is forced to confront the sadness he had worked so hard to escape, leading him and his two best friends on a Parisian weekend of self-discovery.”

Levy stated in a statement: “Good Grief is a cautionary story about friendship and loss, and the turmoil that ensues when the truth is something you’ve avoided for the most of your life.” 

It’s amusing, poignant, and a project that has assisted me in working through my own loss. And I hope it has the same effect on other people.” 

According to sources, production on the project started in late October 2022 and ended in mid-December 2022.  

On December 12th, Levy posted on Instagram, saying: “Happy. Tired. Blurry. The Good Grief film has ended. Thankful for a fantastic cast and crew that made filming my first movie such a complete joy.