10 - Surtr's Scorched Set

One of the rewards for completing the Muspelheim trials is Surtr's Scorched set, which grants a balance between offensive and defensive stats.

9 - Dragon Scaled Set

The Dragon Scaled Armor set from God of War Ragnarok is hard to find, but once it is made, it is well worth the effort because it directly improves Kratos' blocks and parries.

8 - Fate Breaker Set

It's unfortunate that the Fate Breaker set won't be accessible until the player has made significant progress through God of War Ragnarok's main story. It offers Kratos a comprehensive and practical buff to his stats upon leaving the Rage state, as well as increasing the rate at which he gains Rage.

7 - Fallen Stars Set

The Fallen Stars set is attractive with its crystaline, golden chest plate, and its risk-reward gameplay gives players familiar with Ragnarok's fighting system an intriguing edge.

6 - Lunda's Lost Set

The Lunda's Lost Armor set is distinctive since it is the only set that makes poison status effects stronger.

5 - Giptumadr's Set

Giptumadr's set works incredibly well with powerful Runic attacks, which in Ragnarok typically have a powerful cooldown as well.

4 - Guiding Light Set

The intricately designed Guiding Light set, which features two wolves on Kratos' chest plate, is a fantastic offensive option.

3 - Nidavellir's Finest Set

Nidavellir's set, one of the earlier armour sets in the game, complements its distinctive dwarven design with a simple but very helpful ability.

2 - Undying Pyres Set

The Undying Pyres set, which is the first reward after passing the Muspelheim trials, is far superior to the other reward, Surtr's Scorched Armor, in terms of the abilities it bestows.

1 - Berserker Set

Finally, Kratos will have to put in some effort by defeating all of Ragnarok's challenging Berserker boss fights in order to obtain the best armour in the game.