Bella Hadid has allegedly eventually broken her quietness on her sister Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio’s connection.  

When rumors circulated that the supermodel and the Don’t Look Up entertainer are reportedly dating, fans reached haywire. 

It all started after Leo split up with Camilla Morrone just after she curved 25. Netizens suggested that DiCaprio only dates females under 25. 

It was more surprising to hear that he is watching Gigi because she is 27 years old.  

But it appears like things are getting deep between the two.  

They have been smeared together on numerous occasions. The actor even fled to Milan for Fashion Week. 

Reaching back to the point, Gigi Hadid’s sister Bella Hadid has allegedly talked about her connection with Leonardo DiCaprio.  

As per the reports, Bella senses that her more aged sister is too good for Leo.  

An origin has declared to Heat Magazine that Bella thinks that Gigi’s too pleasing for Leo, and the way he leaped to Gigi apparently without a reflection for his earlier girlfriend gives Bella the quakes. 

Mohamed Hadid straightforwardly rejected the rumors but articulated he likes the actor.