The Season 1 finale of House of the Dragon is approaching, so put your dragon eggs in the warmer and get ready. 

After the fantasy drama aired on Sunday night, HBO published a sneak peek for Episode 10 of the final season, which will air next week.  

After Rhaenys and Meleys violently and shockingly disrupted the celebration at the end of Episode 9, the trailer provides a glimpse as to how the events following Aegon’s accession to the Iron Throne would develop. 

Rhaenyra is the character King Viserys who actually wanted to succeed him as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Oh, and in relation to the tragic death of the monarch. 

The Targaryen camp is shown for a minute as they get ready to lay siege to the Red Keep. Rhaenys threatens the princess, “The Greens are coming for you, Rhaenyra, and for your children.”  

Weapons are gathered, Rhaenyra is distressed, Daemon is singing to his dragon, and suddenly pandemonium, delicious chaos, reigns. 

On Sunday at 9 p.m. and 8 c. on HBO, the first season finale of House of the Dragon will premiere. 

Until then, click PLAY on the video above, then share all of your ideas, sentiments, forecasts, and aspirations for the season’s last episode in the comments! 

When Rhaenyra learns that her father has passed away and that his wife, Alicent, has appointed her own son to the most prestigious position in the realm with the aid of her father.