Who are the White Walkers?

The White Walkers are the leaders of the "wights," an army of ice zombies who appear to be out to end the human race. They originate from the far North, far beyond The Wall, but have banded together under the control of the Night King and are currently moving southward into Westeros.

Where Did the White Walkers Come From?

The First Men were chopping down their sacred trees and destroying their tribe, so the Children of the Forest formed the White Walkers as a method of defence thousands of years ago. (Rude).

Who Is the Night King?

The most famous of the White Walkers is The Night King, often known as Night's King. This frosty villain, who is raising his arms in a "Are you not entertained?" gesture as he transforms a large group of fallen wildling corpses into wights, is probably familiar to you from memes or animated gifs. Because he is capable of doing it.

What Do the White Walkers Want?

They must be furious about the forced slavery issue, I mean. Additionally, they were developed utilising unproven magic for a specific purpose—war. Or, to put it another way, The Children of the Forest were simply sort of winging it. They clearly got burned because they were playing with fire (or, in this case, ice).

Have the White Walkers Attacked Westeros Before?

Yep. The White Walkers invaded Westeros about 8,000 years ago, during the lengthiest winter in recorded history (which lasted a generation). It wasn't good, but soon the citizens of Westeros banded together and, with the aid of the giants and the Children of the Forest,

What Do We Know of the White Walker Culture?

We do, however, know that they converse in a tongue known as Skroth, which author George R.R. Martin likens to the sound of ice breaking. Some of the White Walkers we've seen on the episode have ice horns that resemble crowns, which suggests they belong to a governing elite.

What Powers Do White Walkers Have?

In addition to being extremely powerful, White Walkers also appear to be capable of controlling the weather. They typically show up along with a snowfall and falling temperatures. It's how White Walkers operate.

Can White Walkers be killed?

Yeah, Sam learned the hard way that it's not easy. Blades forged from Valyrian steel or dragonglass are effective against White Walkers.