Gal Gadot revealed the face of her fourth child in a recently shared photo

Gal Gadot's family welcomed a new member this year on Women's Day. The actress, who was well-liked for her superhero role, just became a supermom.   

The actress, who already has three children who share her mother's love, recently welcomed a fourth.   

The DC actress is married to Jaron Varsano and they already have four daughters. Gal Gadot also welcomed a fourth one this month.   

The actress from Death on the River Nile maintained her pregnancy a closely-guarded secret, but on March 6th, Gal revealed her news.  

On her Instagram account, she posted a picture of herself and the baby daughter, whom the family has named Ori. When she broke the news, the Israeli actress moved everyone to tears.   

Additionally, on March 8, the world observed Woman's Day, and Gal's spouse posted an Instagram picture of the entire family. The family's new girl was included in the photo with the mother.    

The Instagram photo featured all three of the daughters, along with the endearing remark, "Happy Women's Day! I'm quite fortunate.  

The actress from Heart of Stone first revealed her pregnancy shortly after her daughter was born.   

Gal Gadot posted an Instagram picture titled "My sweet girl, welcome" on March 6. Despite the difficult pregnancy, we managed to survive.