According to Anya Taylor-Joy, production on the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa is complete. 

Furiosa, a post-apocalyptic warrior, was originally given to life by Charlize Theron in the successful 2015 Mad Max sequel. 

However, Queen’s Gambit actor Taylor-Joy has been hired by Furiosa prequel director George Miller to replace Theron. 

Given that the previous Mad Max film was released back in 1985, Miller’s return to the Mad Max universe with 2015’s Fury Road was of course a significant surprise in and of itself. 

Fury Road provided moviegoers with the pursuit movie to end all chase movies, proving that Miller was still a force to be reckoned with when it came to frantic post-apocalyptic action filmmaking. 

The character of Furiosa, the war rig driver with the prosthetic arm whose act of rebellion against crazy mutant overlord Immortan Joe starts the movie’s wasteland-spanning plot.

As spectacular as the road warring action in Fury Road was, it is difficult to disagree that Furiosa is the film’s most memorable element. 

The idea of revisiting the wastelands with Miller taking Furiosa along for another adventure has audiences giddy with anticipation.  

The film has in fact been in production for a while, and now the star Taylor-Joy has announced that production on Furiosa is complete. 

Taylor-Joy signs her Instagram post, which can be seen below, “Fire, Blood, and Guzzoline, Furianya”