Review of The Wonder on Netflix: Florence Pugh’s captivating performance helps The Wonder overcome its main flaws, the slow pace, and predictability.  

The drama is set in a little Irish village in the 1860s when religious fervor was pushing people to extremes, and the actress who portrays nurse Lib Wright is at the center of this science vs. faith dispute. 

Lib is brought in to examine Anna O’Donnell, 11, who has been going months without food (Kla Lord Cassidy).  

The Wonder exposes the very unsettling layers of naive faith in a lavish and intensely atmospheric setting. 

According to director Sebastián Lelio, Lib is the only “sane” person in town who has never accepted Anna’s account.  

She has therefore photographed alone and her outfits are colored differently than others.  

She never has any self-doubt and confronts the entire town of devout and domineering men who say things like, “It’s not your business to question us, Nurse,” head-on.  

Lib’s desire to safeguard Anna from what she perceives to be an impending disaster is motivated by the trauma of losing her brand-new daughter.  

The Wonder establishes itself well. Lib is more worried about her personal safety due to the chilly weather and remote town.  

This keeps the audience on edge throughout the whole running period of the movie.