Ezra Miller, who has been involved in controversy since since he was detained in Hawaii, is supposedly no longer involved in any upcoming Warner Bros. projects.  

Following the release of The Flash next year, Warner Bros has made the decision to part ways with Miller in the DCEU

For some time now, Ezra Miller has been the target of serious accusations. 

Warner Bros. has severed ties with the actor and put all of their upcoming projects with Miller on hold, including the eagerly anticipated The Flash. 

 He has been arrested more than once due to allegations of misconduct.  

Miller is hardly the only actor and director in the West to suffer from poor and unforgivable off-set behaviour. 

Miller was recently in the headlines because they removed their Instagram page after posting a flurry of memes in response to grooming allegations.  

According to Deadline, David Zaslav, the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, wants the scandal surrounding Miller to remain under wraps until the June 2023 theatrical release of The Flash.

The primary actor of The Flash has been detained twice in the past three months, and just yesterday, new allegations of grooming an actress who was 12 years old surfaced. 

Miller’s portrayal of the superhero, who has previously starred in past DCEU movies, will make its standalone debut in The Flash.