Kante (89)

Kante has been an important member of Chelsea's team ever since he joined the team, and his contributions throughout the years have enabled his team to win some notable awards.

Ederson (89)

For Manchester City, Ederson has been a constant presence in goal. He was the goalkeeper for Manchester City when they once again won the Premier League.

Harry Kane (89)

Harry Kane had a rough start to the season, and his play did not start to pick up until the second half.

Alisson Becker (89)

Alisson has developed into one of Liverpool's most crucial players over time. When Liverpool was vying for four different trophies last year

Casemiro (89)

Casemiro made the decision to hunt for a new challenge after Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League yet again.

Son (89)

Spurs' attack was led by Son when Harry Kane wasn't operating at his best. He totaled 23 goals scored and 9 goals assisted.

Cristiano Ronaldo (90)

After many years with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave the club, and the five-time Ballon d'Or winner didn't waste any time getting back to work.

Virgil Van Dijk (90)

Van Dijk's recovery from a very bad injury made last season a crucial one for him.

Mohamed Salah (90)

Mohamed Salah, unquestionably the finest player in the Premier League, continues to set records.

Kevin De Bruyne (91)

The Premier League's highest-rated player, Kevin De Bruyne, has a rating of 91. As he led Manchester City to their second consecutive Premier League championship, he had another fantastic season.