Feud: Capote vs the Swans: How a scandalous Truman Capote story exposed the secrets of US high society

A star-studded new miniseries from Ryan Murphy looks at how the author betrayed the confidence of some of America's most elite women – and destroyed his career in the process. 

Ryan Murphy's "Feud: Capote vs the Swans" explores Truman Capote's betrayal of his elite women friends, leading to his downfall. 

Capote exposed the intimate secrets of his "swans," including Babe Paley and Slim Keith, in "La Côte Basque, 1965," causing a scandal.  

The swans were influential and elegant society women, who confided in Capote, only to be betrayed by his writings. 

The betrayal severely impacted Capote's career and social standing, leading to a decline in his literary output. 

The miniseries features a star-studded cast, with Tom Hollander as Capote, and focuses on the complex relationships within high society. It portrays the lavish lifestyles and vulnerabilities of the swans, with performances by actors like Naomi Watts.

While dramatizing certain aspects, the series stays true to the essence of the historical events it depicts. Themes of betrayal, trust, and the complexities of friendship are central to the narrative, reflecting on the consequences of Capote's actions.

The series also delves into Capote's literary ambitions, particularly his unfinished novel "Answered Prayers," and his personal struggles. 

"Feud: Capote vs the Swans" prompts reflection on the ethical boundaries of storytelling and the enduring nature of human relationships and betrayals.