Fans of Vinland Saga will be surprised by the sudden return of a beloved character, Askeladd, in the latest episode

In the latest episode of the second season, titled "Oath," the anime suggests that death may not be the final end, which is known for its brutality and violence

After a near-death experience, Thorfinn is haunted by flashbacks of his past and the people he killed as a warrior in the previous episode

In a surreal state, Askeladd, who served as Thorfinn's motivation for revenge, appeared and talked to Thorfinn about his violent past 

Askeladd advised Thorfinn that his current situation was a result of a life spent only on killing, but encouraged him to become a "true warrior" 

The latest episode of Vinland Saga season 2 has received excellent ratings, with viewers giving it a 9.2 on IMDB 

In this episode, Bjorn, another deceased character with significant impact in season 1, also makes a comeback 

Askeladd's character in season 1 was ambiguous, existing in a gray area between being a villain and a hero 

The anime is based on the Slave Arc from the manga, where Thorfinn becomes a slave and works on a farm 

Studio Mappa is currently producing Vinland Saga's second season, following the takeover of Wit Studio