This is particularly true when she discovers that her fiancé is genuinely in love with her sister during the events of “The Choice.”  

Edwina’s desire to lash out after going through this kind of humiliation is natural. 

Anthony not being in a romantic relationship with you? He was quite forthcoming about it.  

Anthony was extremely open about the fact that he liked Edwina but did not love her and that he was hunting for a wife out of obligation at every opportunity. 

That’s what everyone told you, girl! This is false, as Daphne has confirmed.  

Kate made an effort to warn her sister off, not just because of Anthony’s personality.

You cannot choose to disregard what everyone is saying to you while also accusing them of “manipulating” you. 

Perhaps Kate wanted the viscount “for herself,” and Edwina is upset about this. 

Kate was also waiting at the altar, but she was there to see her beloved sister’s wedding.  

In order to protect Edwina from harm, Anthony was ready to go through with the marriage.