Last month the word of pop success Harry Styles and actress-director Olivia Wilde parting ways created the headlines.  

The duo – who was understood as Holivia by fans, met while filming Don’t Worry Darling and in January 2021 were connected romantically for the first time. 

However, nearly 2 years later they parted paths and now a report appears to indicate why.  

While many Harry lovers called this connection a joke and were pretty happy the pair called it quits, 

Not only that another reason is age. A reference in the know about what transpired between the now-former duo told the Daily News.

They were mentioned speaking, Harry Styles is a very optimistic, chilled-out person and endless stories around Pugh and Wilde fighting drove him nuts. 

The source further resumed, It kind of brought the air out of their story. 

The source also stated that Harry Styles wasn’t willing to emerge as a daddy figure to Olivia Wilde’s kids.  

They said, Plus, he is not willing to play daddy to her children with Jason Sudeikis.