Following their solo film, Ezra Miller might continue to play The Flash in James Gunn’s new DC Universe. 

The Flash movie has taken over a decade to arrive in theatres, despite being announced in October 2014.  

The Flash has gone through several stages of development since Miller was cast as the Scarlet Speedster. Warner Bros. 

Discovery delayed The Flash’s summer 2023 release from its original January 2019 date, in part because of post-production issues. 

Miller’s numerous legal squabbles in 2022, nevertheless, have been a another contentious issue relating to the movie.  

The Flash has continued to be a contentious title for the DC Universe despite Miller receiving mental health therapy and openly apologising. 

As the upcoming The Flash movie approaches, a fresh report regarding Miller’s likely future with the property has surfaced.  

Variety reports that they have heard from several Warner Bros.  

officials that they would be “open to continuing with the actor” after The Flash. 

Miller, their representatives, or anyone from Warner Bros. Discovery have not responded to the report as of the time this article was published.