Everything you need to know about the upcoming thriller drama Shining Girl

Shining Girls is an Apple TV+ Original thriller drama which is scheduled to release on April 29, 2022. 

The first two episodes will be released on April 29 and the remaining five episodes will air weekly on Fridays 

Shining Girls is based on Lauren Beukes‘ best-selling novel of the same name from 2013. 

It follows newspaper archivist Kirby Mazrachi as she is forced to come to grips with a horrific assault 

The series narrates story of Harper Curtis who discovers a key to a house that opens onto other times.  

But it comes with a price. He has to kill The Shining girls: young women who were brutally attacked to death.  

Apple TV+ has released the trailer of the series which portrays Kirby who is immersed in the memories of her assault. 

She was disturbed and finds herself struggling which leaves her in a constantly shifting reality. 

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