The most recent information about The Witcher season 3, The Witcher: Blood Origin, and everything else is provided here. The eagerly awaited third season of The Witcher on Netflix was finally finished on September 9, capping a journey that had started back in March. 

We have a lot of news to cover as we wait for the editors, musicians, and visual effects artists to conclude their work and present the finished film to Netflix. 

This month’s roundup includes a brief preview of next week’s TUDUM event, an exciting rumour concerning seasons four and five, new cast members and confirmation of their roles, behind-the-scenes photos of a Nilfgaardian set, and more. 

The Witcher’s cast and crew completed Season 3 production on September 9, passing the torch to editors, VFX artists, and Netflix’s marketing team as the season enters the post-production process. 

The third season’s production lasted about five months and took the cast and crew to dozens of locales in six different countries, ranging from the scorching Sahara Desert in Morocco to the cold lakes of Northern Italy to the verdant slopes of Wales. 

The third season of “Game of Thrones” has finished filming, and post-production is already underway. 

Fans are anxious to see when we can see it. Despite the fact that Netflix hasn’t even offered a release window or a specific date, we can make an informed judgement based on the production cycles of previous seasons. 

Before its release in December 2019, the first season needed six months of post-production, and the second season needed seven months.  

The programme would then be prepared for release between March and May of 2023, though this does not imply that it will be released right away.