Netflix will release Enola Holmes 2 in November. The firm released a new sequel trailer ahead of time, starring Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown as the Holmes siblings. 

The sequel, like the first, will follow a young investigator as she cracks cases in 19th-century London while attempting to escape the shadow of her far more well-known brother, Sherlock.

Enola starting her own detective business but having trouble finding fresh cases was the main development of the sequel, as shown in the previous teaser.  

Its designation as a Part 1 trailer by Netflix makes us wonder what might be in store for Part 2. 

Now that we know, the teaser begins with a previously aired clip of Sherlock discovering Enola in his cupboard before we hear Enola is looking for a missing girl.  

The missing girl learned the secrets of prominent people, which could be fatal, the audience is then informed.  

After then, Sherlock tells his sister that their cases are related. It appears that the game has recovered its footing. 

The Enola Holmes 2 trailer once more displays the film’s high production standards, which translate to stunning cinematography, production design, and costume design. 

Additionally, the title character continues to break the fourth wall with hilarity, as Brown and Cavill continue to engage in their characteristically endearing trade-off dialogue.  

Harry Bradbeer, a two-time Emmy winner for his direction of the Fleabag film, and Jack Thorne, a writer of the His Dark Materials film, collaborated on the 2020 film Enola Holmes.