The first season of the highly anticipated Engage Kiss will be released by A-1 Pictures. 

The upcoming Engage Kiss anime is more than just a 12-episode series; it is a component of the Project Engage multimedia initiative, which includes a mobile game in addition to the anime and manga adaptations.

This love manga’s first volume was released in 1988. A-1 Pictures has made the decision to turn this comic into an anime series. 

New episodes of the Engage Kiss anime will be added each week beginning on July 3rd on the Crunchyroll streaming service. 

The animation for this series is being handled by Studio A-1 Pictures. In the meantime, the Manga UP! magazine in Japan will start serialising the Engage Kiss manga. 

Engage Kiss will likely integrate a variety of anime genres, customs, and tropes into a single unified package.  

The protagonist of the narrative, Ogata Shuu, is a young man who is virtually without hope in the outset.

 In fact, they might soon have their phone unplugged and utilities turned off. Shuu’s dire circumstances are about to improve though, as there are plenty of demons to hunt and he can find paying work killing them.  

Physically, Ogata Shuu resembles Iwatani Naofumi from Shield Hero, but unlike Naofumi, who is a reluctant isekai hero, Shuu battles to protect his own world.

Along the way, Shuu finds himself surrounded by attractive girls and young women. There is no time to waste because he has multiple battles to win.