Tom Cruise allegedly cursed at actress Emily Blunt while she was sobbing on the set of the action movie “Edge of Tomorrow,” according to the actress.  

The actress was crying because she was so worn out from wearing a bulky robotic suit. 

She discussed the unexpected manner her co-star inspired her during a challenging filming moment in a recent radio appearance on the SmartLess podcast. 

Blunt recounted a scene from the movie where the two had to don enormous suits, and when the actress became anxious about wearing one.

The actress remembers her Hollywood co-star giving stern instructions on the action movie’s set in 2014.  

She claimed that while she struggled with her 85-pound outfit, Cruise yelled at her to “stop being such a p***y.” 

She added, “When you hear the word ‘tactile,’ you think that sounds nice and cosy.  

There was nothing cosy about these suits. It was like 85 pounds. It was so heavy.  

The first time I put it on I started to cry, and [Cruise] didn’t know what to do.” 

She said, “We had to wear these enormous suits, which I think would’ve been great if we had CGI’d them, but we wanted to do it in a tactile way.”