Diane Ademu-John is leaving her position as co-showrunner on the Dune prequel series Dune: The Sisterhood, according to a report from Deadline. 

Alison Schapker, a seasoned television writer and producer, is currently the only one left in charge of the show’s production.  

However, Ademu-John won’t completely disappear because she will still work as an executive producer on the show and continue to contribute to its creative vision.  

The update does not appear to be cause for concern because it appears that her departure was made to offer her more time to concentrate on her future projects and not because of any creative disputes. 

The information that filming for the prequel series is now taking place in Budapest, Hungary.  

Fans were informed of the happy news via Johan Renck’s Instagram account, who served as the show’s director of photography for the first and second episodes.  

Renck’s post was captioned, “On this day, we commence filming Dune: The Sisterhood for HBO Max

Through machinations taking place millennia before the story you all know, we descend into the coven that one day shall be named the Bene Gesserit.” 

The events of the critically acclaimed first film are 10,000 years in the past as the prequel series begins.  

The titular Harkonnen Sisters, who would later become the driving force behind the enigmatic Bene Gesserit sect, will be followed in The Sisterhood.