The most recent Netflix food competition series, Drink Masters, features a group of talented mixologists.  

Twelve mixologists and bartenders from throughout North America are featured in the show as they present Frankie Solarik and Julie Reiner, the reality show’s judges, with their most inventive drinks. 

For the chance to win $100,000 and the title of Drink Master, 12 mixologists compete.  

Their venue is a stunning bar with a fully functional kitchen and a tonne of elegant backdrops that exude the vibe of an up-and-coming but elite nightclub. 

They will be required in each episode to not only make a delectable beverage but also present it in a manner that is appropriate for the opulent settings. 

Their difficulties range from concocting dessert beverages to enticing flavour combos and fanciful flights. 

This competition show features contestants creating strange combinations to please a panel of spirits and alcohol industry experts.  

Beyond the competition, though, Drink Masters gives viewers everywhere a look at the astounding showmanship that goes on in some of North America’s hippest cocktail bars.  

Even if you frequently frequent stylish speakeasies, you will be in awe of these incredible constructions. 

Along with its swoon-worthy pictures of whimsical pours, this exhibition will offer lots of inspiration if you’re a little bit of a home mixologist, like I am.