Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are looking to collaborate on a new film together 

The two actors have previously starred in three romantic comedies, including 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer 

In an interview with ET Online, Barrymore hinted at the possibility of another collaboration with Sandler 

She mentioned that they are both actively looking for a unique and ideal concept before teaming up again 

Barrymore appears to be more committed to the idea of working with Sandler again this time 

There could be a project already in the works, although no details have been revealed 

Barrymore’s statement doesn’t provide any indication of when a project with Sandler might materialize 

They need time to come up with a unique concept for their next film together 

Assuming a positive perspective on Barrymore’s statement, their upcoming collaboration might take them back to their earlier works 

By taking their time, Sandler and Barrymore might create a new rom-com classic