Music analyst Anthony Fantano is not the greatest Drake fan, panning his last occasional albums and slating Drizzy for the scarcity of action.  

Therefore it arrived as a shock when the YouTuber exposed, Drake Glid Into My DMs and dropped screenshots of the alleged statements. 

Anthony! It’s Drizzy, started the first supposed message from Drake. I know we don’t see eye-to-eye regarding music and that you are not the greatest fan of most of my albums.  

The messages persisted with Drake thanking Anthony Fantano for his kind remarks on Taking Care and If You’re Reading This.  

But it is what it is, you comprehend. Can always expect you’ll like the next one. 

The discussion then takes a strange twist, with Drake sending the criticizer a vegan cookie formula.  

Fantano conveyed a video with his response to the Rap superstar’s messages on his YouTube channel, The Needle Drop

However, hours after the video dropped, Drake exposed the real notes he sent Anthony Fantano.  

He took to his Instagram Stories with his screenshots, and there was not a cookie pass in view, vegan or otherwise.  

However, Fantano enjoyed conveying a response from Drake, asserting he lives rent-free in the Toronto native’s head.