Drake Bell Shares His Story Of Being Abused On The Amanda Show   

Drake Bell talked candidly about a traumatic event he had while performing on a Nickelodeon show.  

The star of Amanda Show alleged that he was sexually molested by dialogue coach Brian Peck. In the new documentary series Quiet on the Set: Dark Side of Kids TV, the actor made the charges.   

The series exposes the violence that occurred on the sets of teen dramas in the 1990s and 2000s. Most of the shows were produced by Dan Schneider.   

Bell's parents separated when he was five years old, and he went into the business.  

Although the actor and his father had a tense relationship, it worsened once the dialogue coach became the Drake and Josh star's manager.   

Bell's father was first wary of Peck, but Drake was not happy when the actor's father confronted him about it.  

Drake Bell talked extensively in the docuseries interview snippets about his early history of assault.   

 He said, “Brian and I became really close because we had a lot of the same interests, which, looking back, I think was probably a little calculated.” 

Bell disclosed that Peck and the actor had a tight relationship due to their common interests.