The full trailer for Atlanta season 4 previews the show’s grounded farewell.

Atlanta season 3 returned this year after a lengthy hiatus caused by COVID-19 delays and other issues.

Even though the third episode received positive reviews and made multiple Best Of lists, some viewers and critics felt that the show spent too much time focusing on the supporting cast of four rather than exploring the themes of racism and white supremacy in America

After a short Atlanta season 4 teaser, the full trailer has now been revealed by FX Networks.

The comedy's primary stars are the sole subject of the two-minute segment.

However, because this is Atlanta, there are a couple moments in the seemingly uninteresting trailer where Darius screams, Vanessa walks along a dark hallway, and Earn appears to climb out of a closet.

The logline for Atlanta season 4 promises to follow Earn, Paper Boi, Vanessa, and Darius back to the show's titular location when it premieres on FX on Thursday, September 15, with two episodes.

Atlanta season 4 will see the series wind out on a grounded note, according to Glover, who also plays the lead in the FX hit in addition to creating it.

 For those that appreciated the more anthological approach, and how it tackled issues of reparations and privilege, perhaps Glover will bring back Atlanta in a different format down the line.

For now, the focus seems to be on bringing the show back to what made it a success in the first place