Doja Cat Is Leaving Her Successful Music Career

Doja Cat has announced her withdrawal from the music industry.

 Doja Cat said on Twitter on March 25th that she is done with music and is quitting after fans chastised her for not apologising to them as they awaited her performance at the Asuncionico Festival in Paraguay.

 Doja was said to be one of the event's main attractions. Due to floods near the performance area, the Paraguayan government decided to cancel the music festival. 

However, Doja's supporters are still upset because she did not apologise to them after her concert was cancelled.

A message from Doja in which she apologised to her Brazilian supporters for not being able to give them a good enough performance has further enraged her admirers. 

As a result, Paraguayan fans began to believe that their favourite artist was ignoring them.

“ I Doja Cat has now given up in a series of tweets. "This s**t ain't for me, so I'm leaving," she wrote. Take care of yourselves." to portray a woman exploring life and making decisions on her own terms.”