After a year and a half of waiting, Outer Banks season 3 has finally arrived on Netflix, which suggests that all the questions we've been mulling over may now have an answer. 

The latest episode of the action-packed series puts the Pogues in challenging and perilous situations as they get entangled in the hunt for priceless treasure and flee from their enemies who are out for vengeance.

The Pogues encounter several close calls in season 2, and season 3 is no different

Poguelandia, the island that the group of friends hoped to call home, is abandoned by John B, Sarah, JJ, Kie, and Pope.

The gang makes an effort to return to their former lives in the Outer Banks, but the calmness fades quickly.

JJ (played by Rudy Pankow) frequently finds himself in dubious and dangerous situations as a result of his impetuous personality.

JJ speeds out in front of the police on his dirt bike as Topper and the rest of the gang leave in his truck in an effort to divert their attention and make a clean getaway.

 After that, JJ's bike crashed off the overpass, giving admirers reason to fear he had passed away.

He managed to jump off the bike before it crashed, which is fortunate for the JJ Hive because it was all part of his strategy to elude capture.

JJ is healthy for the remainder of the season, so season 4 will probably see his return.