Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega, are they Dating? After a Viral Picture of the Duo, Rumor Confuses Fans

Speculation arises that Jenna Ortega and Devin Booker are romantically involved after a photo of them standing next to each other surfaces on Twitter 

However, it is unclear whether the picture is authentic or manipulated 

Devin Booker has been making headlines recently for his personal life, having previously been in a well-known relationship with model Kendall Jenner 

There are reports that Devin is now romantically linked to Jenna Ortega, an actress from the show Wednesday 

The picture of the duo standing next to each other goes viral on social media 

The photo includes a watermark from TMZ and is accompanied by a caption stating that the two were spotted having dinner together the previous night 

However, it is discovered that the picture is edited and fabricated, and there is no evidence to support the rumors 

Neither Ortega nor Booker has responded to these rumors, and there have been no reports from any reliable sources confirming their alleged relationship 

It is believed that both individuals are not in a relationship, and the rumors are deemed to be false