Superman and Krypto the Super-Dog are inseparable best friends who share the same superpowers and battle crime in Metropolis together.

When Superman is taken, however, Krypto must learn his own abilities in order to save him.

If anything, it could just be a marketing ploy on DC's part, given that the Super-Pets featured in the image resemble or are equal to the heroes' abilities.

Release Date 29 July 2022 

Apart from Krypto and Ace's obvious Superman and Batman links, the other pets also appear to have a hero in common.

The super-fast turtle is similar to the Flash, and the giant pig could be a clear reference to Wonder Woman's power.

Because the spotlight will be on Krypto and his ragtag army of super-powered pets, it's safe to assume that the Justice League will only appear in the film as a glorified cameo.

DC's League of Super-Pets will premiere in theaters on July 29.