During San Diego Comic Con, the DC animated series Harley Quinn unveiled a humorous trailer for Season 3.

In the video, Harley and Poison Ivy are seen getting to know one another as Harley exclaims, "Harley and Ivy take over the f***ing world."

The video then continues to show the pair engaging in a number of misadventures while obtaining Commissioner Gordon's credit card details in order to fund their trip.

Later, aboard a yacht, Harley is seen kicking the photographers and yelling, "And tell Ben Affleck I upper-decked his expensive SodaStream!" as he dumps them into the water.

Affleck's namedrop in the series comes as a surprise, even if the previous teaser confirmed that director James Gunn will appear as himself in the animated movie.

For those who are unaware, Affleck appeared in the first Suicide Squad, where Quinn was portrayed by Margot Robbie, and two DC films as Batman.

The long-developing romance between Ivy and Quinn is brought to light in the newest season of Harley Quinn as they return to Gotham as the new power couple.

The events of Season 2 end with Harley and Ivy eloping, and Season 3 opens off with the Joker returning to his old habits.

This season's guest stars include Briana Cuoco as Barbara Gordon, nicknamed Batgirl, Diedrich Bader as Batman, Chris Meloni as Commissioner Gordon, Sanaa Lathan as Catwoman, and Harvey Guillén as Nightwing.

The third season of Harley Quinn won't premiere on HBO Max until July 28.