DC Future State’s: Harley Quinn launched on Twitter, teasing new appearances for Black Mask and Scarecrow

The post suggests what the destiny of DC has in store for 2 fan-favourite villains. Once they display up in DC Future State: Harley Quinn. The first person rendition unveiled through Di Meo is the rapacious Black Mask. This sadistic crook shines in the course of the numerous Batman titles collection. As the face of company greed.

His private vendetta towards Bruce Wayne. Combined together along with his predisposition for psychopathic tendencies. Led him to a existence of villainy as against the law lord hell-bent on ruling Gotham’s underworld. Di Meo’s artwork without difficulty and flawlessly conveys that visible portrayal of greed and wealth.

First Look His ordinary enterprise formal appearance pops with a white, purple, and gold colour scheme and fur-covered coat that screams of luxury. The trademark black masks that offers the villain his call in the first place adopts the equal colour palette with sparkling purple eyes and gold teeth. Di Meo’s Black Mask combines opulence and malevolence in this type of manner that captures the villain’s essence fairly well.