Daniel Radcliffe explains that Rihanna has a MAJOR relation to his Weird Al biopic casting.

Daniel Radcliffe has been cast in the lead role in the biography of Weird Al Yankovic, according to reports. 

 While the casting announcement piqued fans' excitement in the next film, they'll be even more delighted to learn how the Harry Potter star landed the role, and that he has singer Rihanna to thank for it.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Radcliffe discussed how he got involved with the Weird Al biopic and shared an intriguing backstory.

 Daniel asked Al why he chose him for the role after signing the contract, and while he was "immensely thrilled," he was puzzled by his selection.

In November 2010, Radcliffe appeared on Graham Norton's show with Colin Farrell and Rihanna, where he sang Tom Lehrer's song The Elements, which is famed for listing all the elements on the periodic table.

Daniel said, "It has a connection to my casting," when asked about it "Next to Colin Farrell and a very delighted Rihanna, I sang "The Elements.

 'This person might get it,' Al must have thought when he saw it.

As a result, he chose me. So I'm quite fortunate, and now I'm taking accordion lessons from Al."