Connie Jenkins-Greig joins the cast of Netflix’s unnamed Bridgerton prequel series as a recurring character.

She’ll portray a younger version of Violet Ledger, the future matriarch of the Bridgerton family, who fans have already grown to love from the main series, according to Deadline. 

It was originally revealed that Lord Ledger and Vivian will be portrayed by Katie Brayben and Keir Charles, respectively. 

Although she hasn’t started looking for a partner, Violet in the spinoff is said to be as warm and curious as her elder counterpart played by Ruth Gemmell.  

The focus of the series is primarily on the youthful Queen Charlotte and her ascent to fame as one of England’s most well-known queens.  

Her union with King Charles (Corey Mylchreest) ushers in a new era for English society and establishes the Ton as the characters in Bridgerton know it. 

There will be many stories of a young Violet before she eventually became a Bridgerton and a young Lady Danbury, even if Charlotte is the main character.

Sam Clemmett, Hugh Sachs, Richard Cunningham, Tunji Kasim, Rob Maloney, Golda Rosheuval, and Cyril Nri are also cast in the prequel series. 

Shonda Rhimes will serve as writer, executive producer, and showrunner for the series, just as she did for Bridgerton. 

 Executive producers Tom Verica and Betsy Beers are working on the project with her; the former is also the series’ director.