Cillian Murphy responds to his first Oscar nomination for Oppenheimer

The Oscar nominees for 2024 were revealed on Tuesday. Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan had 13 nominations, the most of any movie this year, with Cillian Murphy receiving one for best actor. 

The actor talked about the experience of receiving his first Oscar nomination in an interview with The New York Times. His portrayal of Oppenheimer's title character has earned him a nomination. 

“It’s very, very humbling. I’m kind of a little in shock. It’s just a real honour to be involved in a film that has connected so powerfully with people in a way that we never expected,” Cillian Murphy said. 

Oppenheimer received positive reviews from both critics and audiences after debuting on July 21, 2023, opposite Barbie, starring Margot Robbie, and earning over $900 million at the global movie office.

Christopher Nolan's biography Oppenheimer features Oppenheimer as American theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, who is regarded as the father of the atomic bomb. 

For his role in the movie, Cillian has been receiving positive reviews. He took home the best actor in a drama Golden Globe.

Cillian Murphy discussed whether or not he was watching Tuesday's Oscars announcement in an interview with The New York Times

"No, I was at home in Cork with my parents and my wife," he replied. Plus, my phone began to pop, so I knew it was good news. Everyone began exchanging texts."

"You know, good news is preferable to bad news, but you can't truly avoid either. Oppenheimer is not the same role you have held in the past. Why did you choose to be this character?"