Cillian Murphy discusses Red Eye with Rachel McAdams and his role in it 

Renowned for his compelling performances in a variety of characters, Cillian Murphy recently made headlines for his open comments regarding Red Eye, one of his films.  

The 47-year-old Murphy discussed his conflicting thoughts over the 2005 thriller in which he costarred with Rachel McAdams in a GQ cover story. 

Even while Murphy had a great time working with McAdams on the film, he wasn't entirely satisfied with the final product. 

Murphy's complicated feelings toward Red Eye were shown by his remarks in the GQ interview.  

Even while he said he enjoyed working with McAdams and enjoyed the experience, he ultimately questioned the film's quality and called it a B movie. 

“I love Rachel McAdams and we had fun making it. But I don’t think it’s a good movie. It’s a good B movie,” he stated. 

Murphy was drawn to the role of Red Eye because he played a character with a dual nature, which fascinated him.  

When he thought back on the role, he emphasized how it gave him the chance to play the part of both a frightening villain and an apparently decent guy, a dynamic that he found appealing from an artistic standpoint. "I think it's the duality," he revealed. 

I wanted to play it because of this. those two items. In one, the good guy and the bad person. You could make that turn, you know? That's the only thing that made it appealing to me.