During a live Netflix special, Chris Rock poked fun at Will Smith's infamous slap, which occurred almost a year ago at the Academy Awards 

Smith's unscripted slap caught viewers by surprise and led to his unapologetic acceptance speech at the Oscars 

Rock promised his fans that he would address the incident in greater depth during his first performance after the Oscars 

During his performance, Rock used self-deprecating humor to acknowledge Smith's bigger stature 

Rock's performance, titled "Selective Outrage," tackled a range of issues, including cancel culture, the January 6 insurrection, abortion, and his personal life 

Rock emphasized that he was not a victim in the situation, despite being slapped by Smith 

Rock compared his experience of being slapped by Smith to the punches that former boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has taken 

Smith has apologized multiple times for the incident, including in a YouTube video, but Rock was dismissive of it, describing it as a "hostage video." 

During his recent comedy tour, Rock occasionally mentioned the incident, trying out some of the material that he later performed on the Netflix special. 

Rock joked about the couple's decision to publicly discuss their personal problems on Pinkett Smith's Facebook talk show, "Red Table Talk," saying that Pinkett Smith hurt Smith more than he hurt her