Chris Hemsworth, who plays the mystery antagonist in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, provides more details about the character.  

In some ways, Tom Hardy’s titular character was reduced to a supporting role in George Miller’s eagerly anticipated 2015 return to the Mad Max universe.

Fury Road sequel, a prequel film tracing Furiosa’s beginnings is currently in post-production, with filmmaker Miller returning and Anya Taylor-Joy playing the title character. 

There isn’t much information available about the project yet, although it has been announced that Hemsworth will portray the main antagonist in Furiosa. 

Chris Hemsworth recently spoke with Vanity Fair and shared more information about his villainous role as well as what fans can anticipate from him in the 2024 release of Furiosa. 

Hemsworth, being careful not to reveal too much, says that despite the villain’s appearance of evilness, there will be depth to him and areas of him.

I’m saying that from the outset, I found ways to defend his actions and empathize and understand him as I had to. 

That was my job. But yeah, there’s a light and a darkness to him that I haven’t played with before.” 

Although nothing more than the fact that Hemsworth is portraying a villain has been verified, there has long been talk that he might actually be Immortan Joe from the Mad Max universe.  

The protagonist rules oppressively over a sizable civilisation in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, keeping a big number of wives.