As the actor believes his upcoming appearance should be his final, Chris Hemsworth’s time as Thor in the MCU may be coming to an end.  

The only other actor in Marvel to have four stand-alone films is the one who portrays one of the founding Avengers.  

It was directed by Taika Waititi and featured Christian Bale’s MCU debut as well as Natalie Portman’s return as Jane Foster. 

Except for Ragnarok, the film performed incredibly well at the box office. 

Returning to the subject at hand, Chris Hemsworth recently discussed his likely departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thor in an interview with Vanity Fair.  

“I have a feeling that it would be the end, but that is not based on anything anyone has said or any kind of planning.  

Chris Hemsworth discussed his choice to step down from the upcoming film’s portrayal of Thor. 

The actor has already stated that he will continue to perform the part until someone removes him from the stage. 

That won’t be possible, of course, and his character will finally die. 

For Phases 5 and 6, Marvel has unveiled a number of new characters and endeavors.