Red One, an action-adventure holiday film scheduled for release in 2023, has started production with Chris Evans in the lead role. 

The actors and crew of the movie have kept the plot’s specifics under wraps, releasing just a brief synopsis that outlines the film’s hazy concept.  

Red One has been hailed as a world-trotting action-adventure comedy that would captivate cinema buffs of all stripes while reinventing the genre of holiday films.  

Besides basic casting information, not much else is known about Evans’ costarring role with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Liu. 

One of Evans’ most recent big-budget action movies, The Gray Man, was a commercial triumph. 

After learning too much about his new boss, Denny Carmichael, CIA agent Sierra Six (played by Ryan Gosling), in this film, is followed.  

While being pursued throughout the globe by Lloyd Hansen, portrayed by Evans, a hired assassin for Denny, Sierra Six starts to flee. 

Evans posted a behind-the-scenes picture of his Red One set chair, decorated in traditional Christmas hues and a typeface that fits the occasion. 

The image of “R1” that can be seen on the chair is probably a production-related temporary logo for the movie.  

Evans has officially started filming for the show as of this picture, suggesting that the film is scheduled to hit theatres in the latter half of 2023. See Evans’ earlier post.