Choose or Die on Netflix introduces us to Kayla, a poor woman who is caring for her devastated mother. 

Kayla eventually uses her coding talents to defeat the game, gaining access to the curse’s power.

The story starts on with a family disturbed family what you may call. While the husband Hal (Eddie Marsan) sits in another room obsessing over his 1980s video games 

What happens in the movie ?? To Know Swipe up

He cranks up CURS>R, a text-based game from 1984 and is one of those, with the exception that it appears to have the ability to change the user’s reality 

Hal cracks a BEHIND YOU! Pale Ale, and as he turns over, he notices that the label now reads FOOLED YOU! 

It also types out his ideas in real time. 

Despite the involvement of Asa Butterfield, the film Choose Or Die is mostly about Iola Evans.