Celine Dion fans are protesting her exclusion from Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest singers of all time.  

On January 6th (IST), a group of angry fans staged a protest outside the magazine’s office to express their disappointment at Dion’s omission from the list.  

A group of Celine Dion fans called The Redheads, who are based on Facebook, traveled from Montreal to New York City to protest outside the Rolling Stone office, according to a report in Variety.  

The group, which consisted of 15 people, carried signs with messages such as Rolling Stone you’ve hit an iceberg.  

Basbous called the magazine’s list of greatest singers “ridiculous” and stated that the group was confused by the exclusion of Dion and Madonna, .  

Musicians Gene Simmons and Marty Friedman have also expressed their reactions to Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest singers. 

This comment was in response to a tweet by the account “Elvis Presley News,” which questioned the magazine’s ranking of Bob Dylan above Elvis Presley 

He argued that the list is not about singing ability but about popularity and having a distinctive style and voice.  

Photos and videos of Celine Dion fans protesting outside the Rolling Stone office, holding placards, and shouting slogans were shared on social media platforms.  

In 2008, Rolling Stone released a list of the 100 greatest singers. The magazine stated that they used an “elaborate voting process” at the time.