Buzz Lightyear, who inspired the action figure of the same name, has a solid origin narrative in Lightyear. The film is a sequel to the Toy Story films.

It follows Buzz Lightyear, a youthful test pilot who goes on to become a Space Ranger.

Lightyear is not a part of the Toy Story universe

Lightyear takes place in a fictional universe that is not the same as the one depicted in the Toy Story films.

The genesis tale of the original Buzz Lightyear, the character who inspired the action figure in the Toy Story films, is told in Lightyear.

Buzz takes his first test trip in this film in order to discover new galaxies for Star Command to explore in peace.

In a new teaser for Disney/'Lightyear,' Pixar's Emperor Zurg makes a scary entrance | Space.

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