Bullet Train, Brad Pitt’s summer blockbuster, will arrive on Netflix US in December 2022, after first appearing on Netflix India in November 2022.  

Here’s when Bullet Train will be available on Netflix in the United States, India, and other countries.  

The action-comedy, based on a Japanese novel, stars a large ensemble cast and follows a man tasked with retrieving a briefcase. Isn’t it simple? No, it does not.  

He’s on a train with assassins and other bad guys. Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, and Andrew Koji co-star with Pitt in the film. 

On August 5th, 2022, the film was released in theatres to generally positive reviews from critics. According to BoxOfficeMojo, the film made over $200 million worldwide.  

The best way to see Bullet Train right now is on a big screen, but thanks to a Sony first window deal, you’ll be able to see the movie in two regions in 2022 during its theatrical run-up. 

New Sony films have been arriving on Netflix India and Netflix US throughout 2022, while many films arrive at various times after their theatrical premiere. 

According to our analysis, Sony movies released in theatres before 2022 moved to Starz between 120 and 223 days after they were released, and this year, Netflix followed suit.  

While Where The Crawdads Sing debuted in the prior 120-day window, the partnership brought films like Uncharted to Netflix after 168 days in cinemas.