BTS's V reports informally from the military that he has lost 72.5 kg of weight and plans to return shortly. 

With a touching weight update following his enlistment, BTS's V surprises ARMYs, revealing a considerable gain and building excitement for his anticipated bulk-up trip. 

BTS's V happily shocked fans by providing an update on Weverse while he was serving in the military, noting that he currently weighed 72.5 kg. 

Fans excitedly anticipate the friendly competition among BTS members for physical transformations upon their comeback in 2025, especially with V's dedication to fitness during enlisting. 

On February 14, BTS's V gave ARMYs a pleasant surprise by returning to Weverse and providing a "interim report" on his wellbeing while his time in the military 

V shared his weight in a touching post, revealing that he had gained a significant amount of weight from his pre-enlistment weight of 62 kg to an amazing 72.5 kg. 

Given their prior worries about his weight, fans expressed relief and gratitude for the improvement. 

V demonstrated his commitment to wellbeing by staying in good health and even making jokes about a "bulk-up competition" in which he wanted to weigh 86 kg while in the army 

Supporters greeted the announcement with joy, knowing that he will eventually make a physical comeback. 

BTS members RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V have previously talked about how they intended to change physically while serving in the military, specifically wanting to put on weight and acquire muscle