BTS' V surprises Jungkook during Seven music show promotions

In a recent video titled "Music Show Promotions Sketch," which was posted on February 14, 2024, to BTS' official YouTube account, Jungkook gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look into his music show filming. 

In a touching moment during the video, he also conveyed his sincere thanks and care for his supporters.  

Speaking directly to the camera, he opened out about his hectic schedule and what drives him: his followers. 

Jungkook emphasized that his loyal fan base, who have supported him throughout his career, is the source of inspiration for every project he undertakes. 

On BTS's YouTube channel, a preview of Jungkook's promotional efforts was released. It featured a montage of his live performances before he enlisted in the military.  

The video, titled "(Jungkook) Music Show Promotions Sketch," featured significant moments from his appearances on well-known music programs, including M COUNTDOWN, Inkigayo, and Music Bank.  

In addition, during one of the segments, fellow BTS member V made a nice surprise appearance for the audience. 

Supporters were thrilled to see BTS member V and Jungkook have moments of companionship, as V paid a special visit to guarantee Jungkook's prosperity and well-being.