In 2010, Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) achieved global recognition.

The trio has started concentrating on their solo careers twelve years after their creation, with global prominence in the rearview mirror. 

To this end, the group's leader, Rap Monster, collaborated with Balming Tiger to create his newest music video, "Sexy Nukim."

 The beat of this composition causes the fans, J-Hope and Army, to start trembling.

People are really spreading the video around and getting into the music. According to the video, the responses have been very positive. 

Both the tempo and the images are grandiose. People who have been observed watching the film and listening to the music are in awe at the presentation. 

 In addition to making people want to listen to their music, RM and Balming Tiger were able to craft a terrific video.

 A video with different followers watching and commenting on it has been uploaded. 

J-Hope is seen moving to the music and it is clear from his facial expressions that he is thoroughly enjoying both the song and the video.

Jeon Jung-kook is a gifted songwriter who consistently creates beautiful songs and strikes the appropriate notes. Rap Monster, often known as RM, is a brilliant rapper who has already produced a tonne of music. 

 J-Hope is another rapper who writes excellent rhymes. Jimin is renowned for his creative problem-solving, and he consistently finds methods to amuse the soldiers he adores.

 SUGA is a well-known rapper, and Jin is a fantastic singer as well. It is clear that some amazing works are in the works if they are all considering starting solo careers.