Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of BigHit and current chairman of HYBE opened up about BTS‘ return as a group. 

BigHit announced last year that members of the iconic band will start their military service and return as a ‘group again around 2025 following their service commitment’. 

As per the latest reports, Si-hyuk made an appearance at the Kwanhun Forum and asked people not to mark 2025 as ‘the target year’. 

He also mentioned that he could not guarantee a specific year for BTS‘ return.

“We shared that both [HYBE] and the members hope to be able to resume [group activities] around 2025, not ‘they will resume’ in 2025."

"On that note, I hope you will not think of this as the target year."

"But [HYBE] and BTS will try our best."

"I want to say that we cannot continue with a ‘promised year.’"

"But this is not just false hope as both parties have agreed to really actively do our best.”