As protests over Mahsa Amini’s passing continue nationwide, Britney Spears spoke out on Sunday in support of Iranians fighting for freedom.  

The 40-year-old Spears wrote, “Me and my husband stand with the people of Iran fighting for freedom.” Sam Ashari, who was raised in the US as a youngster, was born in Tehran 

He often shares updates on the state of Iran on his Instagram site. He attacked Iran’s “terror government” in one video 

IRNA, the state-run Iranian news agency, used Spears’ post as an occasion to remind readers that she had mental health issues and had been living under her father’s conservatorship for a while. 

They appear to be implying that Britney Spears is unqualified to offer any commentary on current events through this personal attack.  

This social media tactic could be seen as an effort by the Iranian official media to divert attention away from the violent protests and change the topic of conversation. 

The similar tactic was previously used by the Iranian news agency in response to a post made by the American pop artist Shakira.  

The singer expressed her sympathies for Mahsa Amini’s family, Iranian women and schoolgirls, and all those battling for freedom of expression on Twitter and Instagram. 

The following day, IRNA released a meme alleging that Shakira was oblivious to police abuse of women in the US and Saudi Arabia. 

Shakira and Britney Spears aren’t the only celebrities to publicly support the Iranian protesters.