10. Alone Time During a Thunderstorm (Episode 4)

A storm wakes Kate at night while the Sharma family is staying at Aubrey Hall, and she finds herself sneaking around the late Mr. Bridgerton's library.

9. The Final Dance (Episode 8)

After so many instances of frowning and being angry, Anthony's joyful smile is a scene that we will never be able to forget.

8. Together at Last (Episode 8)

The final scene must be included in this list. Following the time jump in which Kate and Anthony become husband and wife, we see the newlyweds getting ready to play Pall Mall (a game akin to contemporary croquet) with the rest of the Bridgerton family.

7. Courting Kate (Episode 4)

Up until that time, we had everything we needed until Kate and Anthony's first dance. After Edwina makes them spend time together and become friends, the pivotal moment occurs.

6. Love in Disguise (Episode 4)

Sometimes, love is mistaken for hatred. It is only possible to feel hate when a love this abandoned and unthinkable, one that should not exist when one's sister's heart is at stake, is felt in this situation.

5. Left at the Altar (Episode 6)

Nobody anticipated Anthony and Miss Edwina would go all the way to the altar, but in Episode 6, they do. After finally realising Anthony's fondness for her sister, Edwina calls off the nuptials.

4. All It Takes Is a Bee (Episode 3)

We are left to wonder if being stung by a bee is the secret to winning over a Bridgerton brother in this scene. A bee lands on Kate's dress during a fight between the two of them, which is not unusual for them.

3. He Is a Gentleman (Episode 7)

Anthony tells himself often throughout the season, "I am a gentleman," to help him maintain composure and preserve his honour. But in one of the show's most romantic scenes, as Anthony and Kate realise they can't be apart, he eventually reaches his breaking point.

2. Humbling One's Self for Love (Episode 8)

I know I am flawed, but I will admit it in front of you because I want to marry you because I cannot imagine my life without you.

1. The Bane of His Existence (Episode 5)

The final scene was when Anthony revealed his ambitions to Kate, sending her (and us!) to the verge of mental collapse.